Clinic Rijeka

Ulica Slaviše Vajnera Čiče 4
Rijeka 51000
Dr. Marko: 091 27 20 161
Dr. Vilim: 051 515 974

Dental Clinic

With our state of the art new technology, our dental clinic is fully equipped to take care of all your needs. Combine your vacation with your dental needs in Rijeka.


About Us

Combining thirty years of excellence with a dynamic team is the secret behind our success. Our exceptional growth is thanks to the dedicated group of people whose single most important aspect of their work is the satisfaction of their customers.

Come in and see for yourself that your smile is our priority.

Marko Zimmermann

1998. - 2002.g. - Salezijanska klasična gimnazija s pravom javnosti, Rijeka
2003. - 2009.g. - Studij dentalne medicine u Zagrebu 
2010. - 2018.g. - Ordinacija dentalne medicine Ivan Zimmermann, dr.med.dent. 
2016. - 2019.g. - Specijalizacija iz stomatološke protetike
2017. - 2018.g. - Poslijediplomski specijalistički studij dentalne implantologije
2018.g. - Ordinacija dentalne medicine Marko Zimmermann, dr.med.dent.